Shortcuts for Cakewalk Sonar App Reviews

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Poor design

Don't even bother if you are a serious Sonar studio user. There is so much superfluous crap here that it questions the motives of the designer.

This app is all over the place in a bad way....

Ok so yes it does have the Cakewalk Sonar shortcuts which work fairly well and it's layout is ok. The issue is all the other unnecessarily crap that has nothing to do with Sonar or even music production. For instance there is a foreign currency exchange rates section ( which is painfully slow and I think just a link to bloomburg). A news section which bounces you to an yahoo news rip off page and finally a weather section (producers don't go outside, usually don't keep up with the news, and certainly don't have enough money to be investing in foreign currency) it should get ride of news, weather, currency sections and instead have reverent section pertaining to the use and operations of sonar. For instance a section on mixing and proper gain structure. Also a section adding sfx, side chaining, and proper settings for these sfx. Another section should be on final mix down, mastering, limiting (while preserving dynamics) and proper dithering and exporting / bouncing summed audio to various formats. I would pull this app from the store and update it to be much more coherent because I its current state its fairly useless and not a help to people using sonar.


D/L'd it the first time - had some shortcuts listed, but seemed to be tied into another commercial thing - got rid of it. Recently re-D/L'd it, and now all it is is the YAHIOO website with no mention of Sonar whatsoever. One star because there is no "Zero star" rating.


Don't download,does not work!


On my iPhone5 it crashes on the startup screen.

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